Totally '80s! To the Max!

Send Love Through | Deborah Harry & Robin Zander

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Not Another ’80s Mix! from TotallyTripendicular! on 8tracks Radio.
Check out this mix on @8tracks: Not Another ’80s Mix! by glassskull.I hope you guys like my little mix! Let me know what you think and I’ll make more. c; 
Designing Women (1986-1993)

Hey Vals and Yups. Feel free to add me on facebook. All of you have a form of impact on me and it would totally rad to have you on my newsfeed. 
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On the flip side I wanted to personally thank theludicsprial for the radical advice. I’ve been getting back into my hobbies, like painting/drawing hint the art page. c: Along with watching all of my fave ’80s movies. As of now watching the take off of the musical Rock Of Ages. The play was totally bodacious and the movie is a guilty pleasure. 

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Hey vals and yuppies. Sorry for the absence. I’m so sure like half of you haven’t even noticed! Hehehe.
Well I thought I’d update and explain my silence. I’ve been working, ALOT. I bought a car so now I’m looking for a better paying job, coming up empty handed. My love life is in the shits. We have been on a break for almost 3 months. I don’t think we are ever getting back together, I can’t make someone be with me, but the hardest part about all of this is we are bffs. It isn’t an option to cut him out. It would be so out of character for me, so no romance or sex. I’m also still looking for scholarships for school. Totally lame!
My life could literally be turned into a television drama. The ratings would go above and beyond.

Feel free to drop some awesome advice in my inbox! c: It’s the one that says ‘bitchin’!

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